The FFFA 13 Club

Teacher: Pastor Phil Rogers

Join the "FFFA Club": Everyone attending this class will be encouraged to make January 1, 2013 their "Freedom from Food Addiction" day. Everything we do in this class will be to encourage and equip you to make a life-long commitment to a healthy relationship with food. Come and be a part of a food abuse revolution!

Background: Since February 21, 2011, Pastor Rogers has lived a lifestyle of recovery from food addiction. In addition to lossing 100 pounds, he is now consistently maintaining a healthy weight with a newfound level of energy and activity. The purpose of this class is for him to share his experience in hopes that others can benefit from what he has learned.

Who is this class for? For everyone who abuses food in such a way that they have been unable to control their weight through diet and exercise. It is not intended to address problems related to eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

What will you learn? This is not just another diet plan to lose weight. It will address our problem as an addiction that cannot be overcome by will-power and discipline. There will be a strong spiritual component to make overcoming food addiction possible. In addition, you will learn a life-style that includes new patterns for eating with tools and skills that can set us free to have a healthy relationship with food. The goals is not to just lose weight, but to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of our lives.

1. Admitting Food Addiction | Video
2. Defining Sobriety | Video
3. Choosing Tools for Sobriety | Video
4. Learning to Count what Counts | Video
5. Making a Plan for Success | Video
6. Learning Tricks of the Trade | Video
7. Establishing Accountability and Support | Video
8. Thinking Ahead to Maintenance

**Video Files are in MP4 format.

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